Equipment List
INDIANAPOLIS METAL SPINNING COMPANY is an innovative developer, manufacturer and leader in metal forming, using automated spinning techniques, sometimes in conjunction with its deep draw capabilities. Indianapolis Metal Spinning is a supplier for lighting, hubcap and air pressure vessel companies. In addition, IMS has produced parts for the cryogenics and medical industries where standards are precise.

For over 75 years Indianapolis Metal Spinning has been engaged in serving the needs of its customers with high quality metal spun parts and its corporate history reflects the growth and development of the industry. To view more on their equipment and capabilities you can follow the link to the Equipment List.

In today's expanding markets, as in the past, Indianapolis Metal Spinning is an industry leader in size, technology, and service to its clients. Though proud of past achievement, Indianapolis Metal Spinning is constantly looking toward the future by growing in anticipation of the needs of tomorrow's technologies. For more information on what Indianapolis Metal Spinning can do for you, please contact us by email at info@imspinning.com or by phone at 317-273-7440.

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